Real Time Bidding Monetization for your mobile web and App inventory Meet StartMeApp´s Supply side Platform (SSP) team in Philippines. Mobile Developers need a smart strategy in order to increase their revenues. With StartMeApp's platform, publishers have the ability to offer their inventory to over 100 global Demand Partners—ad networks, demand side platforms, ad exchanges, and agency trading desks. StartMeApp´s mobile real time bidding allows publishers to truly unlock the value of their inventory by adding additional audience attributes to each impression.

    Big Data advertising marketplace. StartMeApp's algorithms allow mobile inventory to be sold and purchased by the individual impression through a bidding system that unfolds in the milliseconds before a mobile website or an app is loaded by a consumer. The targeting and cost efficiency opportunities presented by RTB are making it a revolutionary force in the mobile advertising landscape.

Access Demand Platform

Target your mobile audience globally. Mobile RTB Self Service. Transparency and Advanced targeting options.


Access Supply Platform

Monetize and manage your in-app and web mobile inventory.
High global fill rate


Real Time Bidding Technology

Supports OpenRTB 2.1 industry standard for seamless integration into both DSPs and SSPs.

RTB Technology

Case Studies

DSP Targeting Features

Worldwide Reach
Top Ten publisher report

Identify and select traffic from the top-performing publishers worldwide.


Select traffic by the Category of mobile sites or apps in which you wish the ad to run.


Select traffic from specific mobile devices or combinations of multiple mobile devices.

Device OS

Select and combine traffic from all available mobile Operating Systems.

Carrier vs WiFi internet access

Select traffic from mobile devices navigating via WiFi connection.


Select traffic from specific mobile networks or combinations of multiple network operators by country.


Select traffic from mobile devices navigating via a specific mobile web browser.



Demand Side Platform


Supply Side Platform


White Level Platform for Agencies


Data Management Platform


AdNetwork Mediation


Tag Managment




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The Arrival of Real-Time Bidding

Join leading experts from Google and guest Forrester Research, Inc.

AppNexus Summit NYC 2013

Luck vs. Strategy: Making Smart Bets

Data Management Platforms

A panel discussion from Industry Preview 2014 - January 21-22, 2014 - New York City

Cross-Device Targeting And The Cookie

A panel discussion from Industry Preview 2014

Sir Martin Sorrell at TELL, May 2011

Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP.

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Demand Account Manager – Argentina

Seniority Level: Senior

Sales Engineer - New York City

Seniority Level: Senior

Demand Account Manager – New York City

Seniority Level: Senior

Demand Account Manager – Philippines

Seniority Level: Senior

Senior Sales / Account Manager New York City

Mid Career (2+ years of experience)

System Administrator (Linux) New York City

Linux system administration, Debian based.

Senior Publisher Acquisition – New York City

Seniority Level: Senior

Senior Client Services Philippines

Seniority Level: Senior

Senior Publisher Acquisition Philippines

Seniority Level: Senior


Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC)

Established in 2009, the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) Beijing is Asia’s most influential mobile conference. This year’s theme, Mobilizing the Next 5 Billion, will explore the importance of innovation as the mobile internet becomes the first access point for the next wave of global technology consumers. The conference will also exhibit the impact of new innovations on daily lifestyles through a variety of different lenses including wearable devices, mobile internet financing and mobile entertainment content. From high-level panels to spirited competitions, GMIC is the leading global platform for industry leaders to network, collaborate and celebrate innovative work. Contact us to meet up with a Smaato executive attending this event or visit our booth.
May 5-6 / Beijing, China

The Mobile Show Asia

The Mobile Show Asia is a 2-day strategic conference featuring joint plenary keynotes and case studies by renowned brands. With a robust conference content, more interesting on-floor seminar sessions, a wider variety of internet, mobile, and tech solutions showcased on-floor the Mobile Show Asia is the most comprehensive platform for digital and mobile business strategies in the region. Conference themes are: Mobile Advertising, M-Commerce, M-Enterprise, M-Entertainment and M-Health. This year’s show attracted over 4,000 attendees and more than 300 speakers, delegates and exhibitors. Of course Smaato will be part of it! Contact us to meet up with a Smaato executive attending this event or visit our booth (# U08).
April 23-24 / Singapore